DIY Aquaponics System Design and Build

The best way to learn aquaponics is to start building your own DIY Aquaponics system. With a little ingenuity you’ll be able to utilize inexpensive stuff around the house to build a very small test system then scale up as you gain experience and confidence. Here are our favorite “do it yourself” aquaponics videos that should give you enough information to start building your own system!

IBC Tote Aquaponics System Design and Build

Good detailed 30 minute video from on the complete system design and buildout of an aquaponic system using an IBC tote using a minimal amount of tools.


3 IBC Tote Aquaponics System Build

This video from Paul McHugh includes a great time lapse of the build plus a full walkthrough of the IBC tote design as well as challenges he faced during the construction. Also enjoyed the music to start it off!


Indoor Desktop DYI Aquaponics System

Robert Brennan demonstrates how to build an inexpensive indoor aquaponic system using some inexpensive totes and supplies from around the house. This detailed video will walk you through the entire build and design process to start growing your own organic produce year round!


DIY Aquaponic System Barrel Grow Bed

55 gallon barrels make a great grow beds for an aquaponic system. Here is a complete design and construction video of a 4-bed system based on two 55 gallon barrels.


Build a 3×6 Aquaponic Grow Bed for $100

Here is a good video on creating a relatively inexpensive wood and lined grow bed from scratch.


Turn Your Pond into an Aquaponic System

This video demonstrates the design and build of a grow bed which is added to an existing pond. It also includes a bit of information adding a liner and bell siphon.


Barrelponics System Example

Aron Arnold gives a tour of his DYI “barrelponics” system invented by Travis Hughey. You can download the manual for the barrelponics design from the FAST online web site.


Simple Flood and Drain Design Overview

Flood and Drain is probably the most common system design for aquaponic do-it-yourselfers as it is very simple and effective for small systems. This video is a good overview of the design principles behind the flood and drain system.


CHOP Aquaponics System Design

As your aquaponic systems grow then the designs become a bit more complex to support the additional flow. The CHOP system stands for Constant Height One Pump and it is a popular “next step” system for DIY’rs. Here is a good overview of the CHOP system.


Aquaponics Grow Bed Liner Installation

When you decide to build your first custom grow bed then you’ll need to learn how to install a liner. The quality of this video isn’t great and they are actually building a commercial tough but this helped me tremendously when trying to understand how to install my first grow bed liner.

Did we miss any other videos on DIY Aquaponics Systems? If so, comment below and we will check them out!

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